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England Vs Australia Live Score (ODI)

Date: Thursday, 14 June, 2018 08:08 IST Venue: The Oval, London Match Status: Match Ended

England beat Australia by 3 wickets

England 218/7 (44.0 ov) R/R 4.95 | Match Ended

  • David Willey 18,
  • Liam Plunkett 3

    this over :

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Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
David Willey not out 35 41 5 1
Liam Plunkett not out 3 15 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Billy Stanlake 10 1 44 2
Michael Neser 8 1 46 2

Current Partnership

21 ( 5.2 ) R/R:3.93

David Willey 18(17)

Liam Plunkett 3(15)

Last Wicket 197/7 (38.4 over)

Moeen Ali 17 (17) S.R (100.00)

c sub b Michael Neser

  • Right then, that's all from this match. Australia got outplayed today mainly due to their batting and would like to bounce back strong in the next match. England, on the other hand, would also want to get more clinical with their performance. We look forward to your company on 16th June at 1430 local (1000 GMT) for the second ODI in Cardiff. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!
  • Moeen Ali bags the Man of the Match award! Says that it's great to win the game and praises all the bowlers. On bowling inside the Powerplay, he replies that you need to understand the mindset of the batsmen. Adds that he concentrated on the line and mixed his pace. Admits it's tough to bowl to batters who sweep well but also feels you always got a chance to pick wickets. Says that he has one format to concentrate at the moment and is happy with the way things are going at the moment.
  • Eoin Morgan is very pleased, especially with his bowlers and feels his spinners turned the game for them. Adds that it's great to see them doing well as a unit. Praises Moeen Ali for his bowling in the Powerplay. Admits that they took the lesson from the loss against Scotland. Feels that the big positive from today is that they were way off the mark with the bat but a couple of partnerships did it for them. On his batting, he replies that it's nice to get some momentum going. On Joe Root, Morgan says that he is a genius, very calm at the crease and is a huge part of their team and English cricket. Wants to improve more with the ball and on the batting front wants more partnerships from his batters.
  • Tim Paine admits that it was always difficult to defend this total against England who bat really deep. Praises his bowlers for fighting hard. Further says that they lack international experience but have got good white-ball skills. Feels that England played out their spinners better than they played the English spinners. Adds that you win the games when your top 4-5 do the job and they faltered today. Lauds the batting effort of Glenn Maxwell and says that he was hitting the ball well in the nets. Admits that defending 214 against the number one team was never going to be easy.
  • Australia lost this game largely due to their batting failure. You cannot fault their bowling at all. In fact, their bowlers should be praised for stretching the game this far and also giving a scare to the English team. Billy Stanlake impressed the most while the debutant, Michael Neser was also decent in his first outing. Overall, as mentioned above, it was a good bowling effort by the visitors but they didn't have enough runs on the board. Stay tuned for the presentation...
  • An easy win in the end for England! It was supposed to be a straightforward win for them but they chose the tougher route. Their chase started on a wrong note as they lost their top three wickets quite cheaply. Then, Joe Root and Eoin Morgan combined to raise a 115-run stand which almost put the chase to bed. Although, Australia tried to claw their way back by forcing a mini-collapse post that partnership, Moeen Ali and David Willey made sure that the hosts didn't lose path and cross the line safely. A special mention for Willey, who finally showed his worth with the willow and got his best ODI score.
  • 43.6 SIX! Finishes it in style! Willey gets one in his half, right in the slot for him and he hoists it straight over the bowler's head for a maximum. ENGLAND WIN BY 3 WICKETS!
  • 43.5 Full in length on off, Willey drives it down to mid off and scampers across to the other end. Stoinis scores a direct hit at the bowler's end, the ball ricochets and they collect an overthrow.
  • 43.4 Good length delivery on middle and off, Willey plays back from the crease, a bit uppish but not carrying to the bowler.
  • 43.3 Strides forward to a full ball and pushes it with an angled bat past the diving point fielder for a single.
  • 43.2 Yayyyy!!! The crowd cheers as England score a single. Willey has worked this one towards long leg.
  • 43.1 Back of a length delivery on off, Willey stands inside the crease and works it on the leg side. Finds mid-wicket.
  • 42.6 Too full and on middle, Plunkett defends it back to end the over. A maiden. England crawling towards victory. 208/7
  • Mid off drops back.
  • 42.5 Action replay of the previous delivery. Plunkett is in no hurry to finish it.

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